An Introduction to the Mobile Marketing Takeover

​Guest Blog by Oleh Koropenko

During the last couple of years, the prevalence and overall usage of mobile devices have increased considerably. This has led to an equal increase in the efficiency and usage of mobile marketing campaigns, meant to actively reach mobile-based potential customers.

Launching a successful mobile marketing campaign is only possible if business owners and their marketing teams have an in-depth understanding of the latest trends, strategies, and use cases.

To help facilitate this, 99firms has put together an all-inclusive infographic that attempts to briefly discuss the overall importance of mobile marketing, types of endpoints, alongside several successful business implementations of mobile marketing campaigns.

The infographic is backed by a series of statistics meant to put everything into a better perspective. As per the knowledge base, it is important to point out that the world is currently undergoing a mobile takeover, thus showcasing the relevancy of mobile-based marketing campaigns.

As such, at this time, users generally tend to spend 59% of their time browsing their smartphones, in comparison to 41% of the time browsing desktop devices. General ownership of mobile devices has also skyrocketed over the last couple of years.

For instance, in 2015, 92% of adults owned a mobile, yet only 73% owned a desktop computer or laptop. Since then, these numbers have continued to grow.

Conversion rates on mobile devices are also an interesting fact. The average conversion rates on smartphones have increased roughly by 64% when compared to desktop-based conversion rates.

However, the belief that a desktop-based marketing campaign can have equal results for mobile users is false. A desktop website that isn’t optimized for mobile devices won’t stand a chance, granted that not many users in today’s world have the patience to read non-optimized pages.

​SEO is also an important aspect worth keeping in mind. A search engine report carried out by Bright Edge showcases that 62% of organic searches tend to display different results on mobile devices.

This statistic proves that mobile and desktop marketing go hand-in-hand, even though they might be different digital marketing practices.  For more information, statistics, and data on how mobile marketing works, feel free to check out the linked infographic created by

How Businesses Use Mobile Marketing to Their Advantage

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