Nancy Gaines, CEO/Founder

   Nancy Gaines, MBA, CEO/Founder

​Welcome to Gain Advantages!  I'm Nancy.  I'm passionate about helping small business owners ​become wildly successful - fast. I believe the world needs more entrepreneurs because they solve real problems and create jobs that support our communities. 

​Many companies fail early because they never found the right guidance. They waste time and resources trying to figure it out alone which is the long, hard, expensive route.  

​I spent decades in corporate consulting with IBM and invested hundreds of hours in entrepreneur education.  You don't have to do all of that - I did it for you.  Piggy back off my work and fast track your results.  Why do I do what I do?  Because slow and inefficient drives me nuts! ​

What We ​Value

​We believe every business should be simple, easy, fun, and profitable.​ We want this for you. Our core values are Decisiveness, Simplicity, Perseverance, and Playfulness.  We believe that if it's not a 'Hell Yes!', then it's a 'Hell No'. ​You should only spend time on things that you love, not the things you just like.

The biggest result we provide is freedom.  Isn't that the reason you started your company?  You want ​the liberty to do what you want, whenever and wherever you desire.  We believe that your business should not consume you.  Our goal is to make your business do the heavy lifting,  not you. We coach small business owners how to systemize their companies, so you have more income, structure, consistency, and freedom​ to focus on what's important to you.  You gain back your time. 

What We Offer​

Who We Serve

​We love helping serious business owners looking to accelerate their results with the guidance of a coach. If you aren't sure what to do to reach the next level, experiencing growing pains due to increased sales and staff, or still wearing all of the hats in your company, you are our ideal client. ​​ We do whatever it takes to make your business better - in a way that works for you​.

We reverse engineer solutions so they fit with your vision and desired lifestyle. You obtain the exact action plan to ensure your business is on the right trajectory for success. ​​We offer coaching/consulting ​through private one-on-one sessions, in small groups, and in large group settings. Some of our clients coach with us by phone or Skype. ​ Others meet with us in person at​ our world class resort retreats, and our Rapid Results Days in Denver, Colorado.  

How We Work

How To Connect​

​​If all of this resonates with you, let's have a conversation to determine next steps! Click here to schedule a time to talk.  Or call/text us now at: (314) 378-1611.  ​

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