Create Business Connections with dynamic people in an exclusive setting​

What you'll experience when you Accept my Invitation:

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    ​Small, facilitated dinner party for business owners who are master connectors ​with big networks
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    ​No big agenda - just bringing brilliant people together to benefit from knowing each other​
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    A focused opportunity to have fun, create deep business relationships, and ​expand your network.

I absolutely love organizing and hosting these dinners. This is an exclusive, by invitation only event for a select group of guests.

I recently went to a private dinner event hosted by Nancy. She curated a table of about 10 of us to come together to talk about our businesses and passion projects to connect and share how we could all help each other. It was SO KICKASS.  I network all the time... and this was one of the most inspirational and valuable networking events. I was surrounded by people who are so passionate and smart and CONNECTED. The most valuable piece was really that these were people I would have never met on my own - they travel in different business and organizational circles. Ideas and connects were just zinging across the table! Nancy has an ability to connect people in her bones. ​

​Carleen Clearwater

​Kickass Marketing and Creative ​

​Private Dinners are held once a month, and I'm always looking for great guests!

This dinner is for you if ...

  • ​You are a high performance influencer who loves connecting with other like-minded people. 
  • ​Making key connections and adding value is a priority for you in your business organization.
  • ​You enjoy attending round-tables filled with power players ​who are making a real impact.

This dinner is not for you if ...

  • ​You plan to arrive late and leave early.  ​We meet the full 3 hours.
  • ​You aren't willing ​to contribute your ideas to support other guests.
  • ​You won't honor your RSVP and may cancel if something else comes up​.

​Interested? Email Nancy below - tell her why you should attend!

​I'm excited to connect with you through dinner and conversation! Call me at (303) 697-0736 with questions.

Nancy Gaines

Please note: We invest a great deal of thought into confirming the right mix of fascinating people at each dinner. Expect to have a phenomenal experience meeting influencers from a wide range of diverse backgrounds. If you must cancel, kindly provide at least 7 days notice so we can seek an appropriate replacement that fits the group dynamics.  Currently, there is a 6 month waiting list for these dinner events, so ​we may not be able to offer you another invitation immediately. 

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