Turbo Ascent: Attract More Ideal Clients and Grow Your Profits​

Enjoy more consistency in your revenue and overall business​ success!

If you find yourself short on clients, struggling with inconsistent income, feel like you never have enough time, or just not sure how to build your perfect business, this is the program for you!

Do you ever ponder any of these ...

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    How do I land new clients or handle my existing clients with more ease?
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    ​​​Am I marketing and pricing correctly to attract my ideal client?
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    ​What's causing a feeling of dissonance that's impacting my progress - something is off and isn't quite right​
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    ​Shouldn't being self-employed be so much easier and fulfilling?

​Take back control and predictability in you business. ​

Why This Program is So Effective ...


Many traditional coaching programs don't follow a strategic framework, so coaching calls tend to be reactive instead of proactive. The Turbo Ascent program solves this. ​You'll follow a set structure each month designed to consistently grow your revenue & resolve issues. ​No more hoping and guessing what will work. Plus, you'll have the bandwidth to focus ON your business to​ make the best use of your resources - time, energy, and money.


Most business owners guess what's needed to attract new clients. Often these are one-off tactics or new trends touted in the media as 'the next hot thing'. With Turbo Ascent, we create an integrated, cohesive sales plan tailored specifically for your business.  No more wasting money and getting frustrated with the lack of results.  ​You will learn how to measure everything, so you do more of what works, and break up with things that don't. ​ 


Every business owner runs into problems he or she just can't see, due to being too close to the issue.  Your business could be cruising along and then - BOOM - you bump up against a challenge you can't seem to solve.  In many cases, you don't see the underlying cause, but you can definitely feel the impact in lower sales or unhappy customers.  Your fellow Turbo Ascentees, plus your trusted business advisor, will provide an outside perspective throughout the program. This allows you to smash through the obstacles holding you back. ​


Your custom business blueprint is created and implemented through monthly group sessions and 1:1 calls with your trusted business advisor.​ At every interaction, you leave with clarity and the exact steps to follow for the upcoming 30-90 days. We reverse engineer the solutions so they fit with your vision and desired lifestyle. You alway have the exact action plan to ensure your business is on the best trajectory for continued success.

Here are the Key Benefits from the Program

​12 Months of Expert Led, Elite Level Consulting that will accelerate your business results
No Wasted Ramp Up Time


We start the moment you enroll. Once your application is processed, ​you will receive the Welcome Packet so you know exactly what to expect​ from the program. You will complete and return the QuickStart   Workbook. This allows us to use our precious time together to create your Success Blueprint, based on the ​current state of your business.

A Proven Methodology


Based on decades of Big 5 consulting experience to top Fortune 500 companies, Nancy designed and simplified a program for smaller business owners.  This is a ​proven system with actionable steps. Each element is structured for tangible results, while building on previous activities.  ​​Watch your business grow each month!

Know HOW to Implement


The done-with-you Turbo Ascent program is designed to provide you with fantastic ideas and the step by step answers for execution. You get the right mix of strategic planning and practical application to grow your company. You always know exactly what to do, what to outsource, and how to get each action in your Action Plan done. 

Your Trusted Business Advisor ...

Nancy Gaines, MBA, PMP is CEO/Founder of Gain Advantages Inc. and has been advising small businesses and Fortune 100 companies how to increase revenues through proven systems for almost two decades. She is a best-selling author and international keynote speaker.

Nancy has been named in the Top 100 Productivity Experts to follow on Twitter and has a global podcast downloaded in over 80 countries. ​Her passion is compressing the time it takes for entrepreneurs to get profitable, because ‘slow and inefficient’ drives her nuts!

What's Included in the Program ...​

  • ​Monthly calls with Coaching, Training, and Mastermind Hot Seats ​to work ON Your Business
  • ​A team of experts in their field who comprise your 'Board of Directors' - every participant is hand selected
  • ​On-demand ​support and accountability calls directly with Nancy via text, email, and online scheduling
  • Optional Upgrade (Special Client Rate):  ​Speed Consulting Intensive Day in Morrison, CO (see below)
  • Optional Upgrade (Special Client Rate): ​Annual, multi-day summit retreat in Breckenridge, Colorado (includes breakfasts, lunches, and an evening welcome reception)​
Program Highlights​

​Turbo Ascent is a hybrid program - part training, part coaching, part masterminding, and part peer advisory (aka your own Board of Directors).  You experience the best of 'everything business' throughout the year - including accountability so you implement effectively. 

Imagine how your company will be radically different when your problems are solved, challenges overcome, opportunities pursued, and greater outcomes are obtained! In just 12 months, you close the gap between where you are now, and what's truly possible to create a thriving business you absolutely love.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"In a simultaneously commanding and engaging way, Nancy Gaines demonstrates how to implement simple systems that immediately generate income, create time, and focus business owners on the most important actions to grow their companies. With her track record, Nancy knows what works for successful corporations as well as smaller companies. She boils down the key points in a fun and energetic way, so that business owners who follow the steps will see fast results."

Dru Shockley (Agency Owner and Entrepreneur)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Before my Speed Consulting Day, I had so many ideas for my business that it was difficult for me to focus and execute internal projects efficiently. I'm too close to my own work and needed an expert, outside eye. I was overwhelmed and exhausted as I tried to work on too many projects at once. Nancy helped me prioritize my projects so that one leads naturally into another. After working with Nancy, I knew which team members to hire, what to systematize in my business, and how to take the exact steps to accelerate my business results in the next 90 days. You will LOVE how much you get done in just one day with Nancy - and have lots of fun in the process."

Laura Pence Atencio (Owner, Social Savvy Geek Marketing Agency)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


“Nancy is a charismatic thought leader for many reasons, and I'll share why I think she's terrific and why I believe people flock to her.  I reached out to Nancy after listening to a well-executed podcast hoping for some good tips on how to launch my own.  Now only did Nancy accept my request and meet with me the very next week, but she gave me specific, methodical (and easy) steps to follow to go from zero to hero (with my new venture). Nancy is clearly committed to providing value to everyone she meets and serves.  Thanks for being there for me, Nancy!"

Jonathan Bryant (SiteStaff)

Is This Program Right for You?

This full-year program is fast-paced, intensive, and high energy.


  • You run a small company with revenues less than $1M annually, and want more clients and higher profits
  • Your business is established - you have products and/or services that people are buying, but aren't sure what to do next to reach your vision
  • You are fed up with so-so results and are committed and compelled to change. You know you are losing out on time, money, and clients by guessing what to do on your own
  • You are wearing too many hats in the company and struggling to keep up, which distracts you from working ON your business
  • You are a business owner who is ready to get plenty of new clients - and want satisfaction knowing your company can easily handle the increased workload without more stress
  • You are ready to take action and excited to implement solutions to accelerate your business success


    • You want to keep doing “business as usual” in your company because the status quo is the easier path
    • You are working long hours at the expense of your health and relationships, and you don't want to change
    • You are in start-up mode, still learning if your product or service is economically viable, and struggling to find customers
    • You are not profitable and speed consulting would cause a financial hardship (check out our entry level, DIY self study programs and revisit the Turbo Ascent program later)
    • You think you already know all the answers and​ are not open to learning from other people who already traveled your path
    • You are not willing to have fun during your speed Consulting Intensive Day
    • You are someone who doesn't take action, and you get easily distracted by shiny objects.                                        
​Increase your Revenue, Clients, and Success in just one year.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If you don't feel we exceeded your expectations and provided value beyond the investment, just let us know.

We'll make it right!

Bonus Section, We Over-Deliver!

We love bonuses that are super powerful and add more value to your Turbo Ascent program.


​​​​Access to the Productivity Accelerator Success System Program

Ramp up your productivity with this program.  Includes four part audio  program that will help you gain back at LEAST 5-10 hours in your week.

($497 Value)


Autographed copies of all books written by Nancy

​Want to learn how to get free publicity, scale your company, or just be inspired by great stories of determination? A signed copy of each of book will be shipped to you as part of the Turbo Ascent Program. ($50 Value)


60 Minute Jump Start Call with Nancy

Accelerate your results with a bonus consulting phone call to smash through your biggest productivity challenge right now in your business. Your call can be scheduled as soon as your registration is processed - no need to wait until you come to Colorado.  Let's take care of that burning issue quickly.

($497 Value)

Start Today!

Our clients have the best results when they fully invest in everything - the Turbo Ascent program, plus the Speed Consulting Day and Annual Summit Retreat upgrades.​

Take Your Business to the Next Level!​ 

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Speed Consulting Intensive Day​

Want to further accelerate your results? Add a Speed Consulting Intensive Day to your annual program. These intensives are ​delivered off-site, so you spend your personalized day being laser-focused on your business - without interruptions back at the office. Getting out of your daily routine and into a new environment provides increased creativity and breakthroughs that often don't  happen during normal business operations.

​Here's What Happens at your optional Speed Consulting Intensive Day


We confirm your big vision from the QuickStart Workbook, then we map out your next quarter sprint plan.  We determine your top three strategic priorities (solving your biggest obstacle, seizing your biggest opportunity, and defusing your biggest threat), then create a plan of action with the exact steps needed to achieve these goals. 


We finish out the morning defining solutions to the single biggest obstacle limiting your growth. Next, we identify the resources (products, people, skills, etc.) you will need to build or develop so that you can fully achieve your vision. Then, we break for a healthy, refreshing lunch to recharge before diving into the rest of the day. 


We review the systems audit you completed in the QuickStart Workbook. Then, we create a Systems Plan of Action for the lowest scoring areas so we start to remove you from the center of the business. This results in your business doing more work for you. We end the day ensuring you are crystal clear on the business action plan.

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Annual Breckenridge Summit​

The Speed Consulting Intensives are ​delivered off-site, so you spend your personalized day being laser-focused on your business - without interruptions back at the office. Getting out of your daily routine and into a new environment provides increased creativity and breakthroughs that often doesn't happen during normal business operations.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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​What's the format of the monthly calls?

​When are the monthly group calls?

​How many clients are in each Turbo Ascent group?

Will I receive support and accountability between calls?

​What is the investment for this year-long program?

​Do you have a payment program?

Why do you offer Speed Consulting Days as an upgrade?

​Where do the Speed Consulting Intensive Day take place?

What times do we start and end the Speed Consulting Day?

What should I pack for the Speed Consulting Intensive Day?

Can I bring my family to the Speed Consulting Intensive Day?

​Why do you offer the Summit Retreat as an upgrade?

What happens next?

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