workshop: the Easy System to Quickly land Speaking Gigs

​We all have ​a message that can inspire others to live a better life or run a better business. Use that message to serve others and grow your business.​

"​The only reason to give a speech is to change the world."

- Nick Morgan

Discover the Key to finding ​Speaking Engagements​

Speaking is one of the fastest wants to obtain new clients.  If you want a thriving business, it's not enough to just post to social media.  Your ​marketing plan must contain both online and offline strategies ​to be successful.  This means sharing your message in person by speaking to groups. 

​There are plenty of courses that teach people how to speak.  We don't do that in this workshop.  We assume you are already a great speaker who wants to speak more often.  What's missing from most courses is​ teaching participants how and where to find platforms filled with their ideal audience. You have the right skills and message, but that doesn't matter if you aren't speaking consistently. 

Being a speaker builds your credibility and business, while making an impact.  You must have an​ effortless step-by-step system that regularly produces opportunities to speak.  ​Professionals don't wing it.  They proactively follow a predictable process to get booked on stages.

Attend this done-with-you workshop and create your personalized plan to fill your speaking calendar.  These are the exact action steps that I follow to get booked all over the US and on international stages.  Learn how to find speaking events that are right for you - packed with attendees who need your message and products.  These techniques are universal - they work for landing entrepreneurial and corporate ​stages. 

Together, let's create your detailed implementation strategy for the upcoming quarter so there's no more guesswork.  Most people are trying to figure this out alone,  but that's the long, slow, and expensive route.  Stop spinning and let's do this - we've got your back!

Join us at this hands-on workshop and  leave with your COMPLETED 90 DAY ACTION PLAN.  This is a stand-alone workshop - there's no expensive up-sell to learn how to do this. We do this together at the event so that you leave with RAPID RESULTS!

Get these results at this done-with-you workshop ...

  • ​Discover over 20 tactics to find the right groups for your message
  • ​Implement​ the Early Alert and Event Tracking Systems for PAID speaking engagements
  • ​Leave knowing the ​key components of your Speaker Toolkit
  • Wake up excited about your speaking events, knowing you are making an impact

​ What Participants Are Saying ...

It is my honor to recommend this workshop. ​Having personally been a professional speaker for several years, Nancy introduced me to strategies to grow my speaking business I never knew existed.  Her system is dynamic, precise, easy to use and designed to get results.  I highly recommend it!

Chris Natzke 
Martial Arts Master, Speaker, Coach and Author of Black Belt Leadership – 7 Keys to Creating a Life of Purpose by Discovering Your Inner Champion

​After working with Nancy as my business coach, my sales consistently increased every month for the last year! I've reached new levels in my business, and received multiple awards. You must implement her advice!

Gina Heumann
​Cause Entrepreneur, ONEHOPE Wine

​​Nancy’s workshop is phenomenal! She provides a wealth of valuable information, and helped me find the exact groups and places to speak. The workshop handout is filled with golden nuggets of information, and I know I will refer to it on an ongoing basis.
I highly recommend that anyone looking to get more speaking engagements take this workshop - it will be totally worth it!​

Joyce Feustel  
Social Media Trainer and Tutor​

Workshops start promptly at 11 am.  We end around 2 pm, and consultants will stay as long as needed to ensure each participant is absolutely thrilled with his or her speaking plan.  

We do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations and over-deliver.

[This event is capped at 6 participants per session so each person receives individualized attention. The Denver event venue address will be provided to those enrolled.]

Investment:  $249/person

100% Effort-Based Satisfaction Guarantee. We'll make it right if you aren't happy. 

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