workshop: The Easy System to Quickly Get More Clients

Without sales you don't have a business...and if your business is hurting, you can almost always heal it with sales.

"Sales cures all" - Mark Cuban

Discover the Key to Highly Effective Sales Conversions

If you own a business, sales and marketing are the cornerstone of what you do.  The biggest expense in your business isn't marketing, consulting, or employees.  Your biggest expense is ... not making money!

There's no greater freedom than having a thriving business that generates income AND makes an impact. What most people don't know is that how you build your sales plan is extremely important.  Creating effortless sales is a step-by-step system that consistently produces results.  Entrepreneurs with a sales plan make at least 30% more profits than those that don't have a proven system. We want this for you!

Stop Guessing!

Attend this done-with-you workshop and create your personalized sales plan.  Identify the right action steps in the right order so you know exactly what to do to attract and enroll clients that you love serving.  

Together, we create the detailed implementation strategy for the upcoming quarter so there's no more guesswork.  Most people are trying to figure this out alone,  but that's the long, slow, and expensive route.  Stop spinning and let's do this - we've got your back!

Join us at this hands-on workshop and leave with your COMPLETED 90 DAY ACTION PLAN.  This is a stand-alone workshop - there's no expensive up-sell to learn how to do this. We do this together at the event so that you leave with RAPID RESULTS!

Get these results at this done-with-you workshop ...

  • Leave with your completed 90 day plan so you know what to implement each day
  • Make your business simple, easy, fun, and PROFITABLE
  • Attract clients who you love to work with every day
  • Wake up excited about your business & making an impact

After attending a workshop with Nancy, I am on track to triple my income in the next year.  She breaks the exact actions down into steps that are simple and easy to implement.  I can absolutely do this!​

​Beth Berg, Owner​ 

 Artemis Interior, Denver 

Workshops start promptly at 11 am.  We end around 2 pm, and consultants will stay as long as needed to ensure each participant is absolutely thrilled with his or her sales plan.  

We do whatever it takes to exceed your expectations and over-deliver.

[This event is capped at 6 participants per session so each person receives individualized attention. The event venue address will be provided to those enrolled.]

Investment:  $249/person

100% Effort-Based Satisfaction Guarantee. We'll make it right if you aren't happy. 

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