Top Email Marketing Software to Start Nurturing Your Audience

​Guest post by ​Rohan Mendiratta

​Choosing an email marketing software is an important process for a digital company as it could bring in a chunk of revenue. However, finding the right software is hard because of most of the marketers generally lookout for one thing - a tool that offers many products and services while also engaging potential customers to purchase and contribute to sales.

Finding the right email software is important because you could end up using it for a long period. This can set the base for your email strategy if you’re starting because you can create a sort of template which will act as the differentiating factor from the other emails out there. Depending on your budget, requirement, contact list size, and a few other parameters, you can go about the process of selecting your email marketing software.

After all, good email software can aid you with Lead Nurturing, which is a critical aspect of improving digital marketing assets and gaining a good customer base from which you can build on. The more you’re able to nurture and keep your customers engaged, the better are your chances of making a better income and increasing sales.

Check out our list of the best email software’s trending in the market, which can aid you in the process of gaining and nurturing better leads. If you feel there are other software that can be added, do let us know in the comments below!

1. SendX

One of the more popular websites with which you can nurture leads, SendX hosts a whole suite of services for email marketing. Some of its best features include providing powerful, usable templates, automation capabilities, and so much more. You can also send unlimited emails to any number of customers and ensure high deliverability rates, among others.

SendX is known for its ridiculously easy UI, which makes it easier for a relative newbie to begin email marketing. They also have close to 3,000 companies working with them, in addition to a 24x7 support team that ensure all requirements are addressed and solved in the fastest time.

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is another great provider for lead nurturing if you’re looking to get high deliverability rates as well as customer response time, in addition to affordability and integrations, among others. Active Campaign is used by close to 75,000 organizations, which means they are one of the largest marketing tools with regards to the size.

Also, ActiveCampaign has a great pricing scheme and caters to both smaller companies and large enterprises as well. You can nurture your audiences as well, with specific-targeted mails based on feedback and actions, making it easier for you to formulate a sound strategy over time.

3. Mailerlite

Known for having a progressive software that is universally liked, Mailerlite is a great software that has some great features. These include the Landing Pages, which can be used to increase your mailer list, and Email campaign managers which can be used for multiple emails and pop-ups to engage website visitors.

Overall, Mailerlite is a great software for anybody looking for email marketing software with reliable and fully-fledged out plans. It is easy to use and understand, making them one of the best in the business to nurture leads and get them interested in your product or service.

4. Automizy

A great software if you’re starting in the email game, Automizy is perfect to learn all about email marketing right from scratch. From a great UX to some revolutionary tools, Automizy makes it simpler for you not just to purchase products, but also test them at the same time.

The software provides Subject Line testers, which can be used to know if certain lines are working towards improving Click rates or Open rates. They also offer A/B testing options for your leads, making it easier for you to know which email option is working, powered by AI.

5. AWeber

One of the more popular options for emails, AWeber has a host of features which continually updates every month. The site provides a host of functional options for those looking to upgrade their email plans and nurture leads. And with time, you’ll have a robust database that can be leveraged to start making income as well. Check out this interview with AWeber's CMO on the Nancy Gaines Show podcast on why email marketing still works. 

AWeber also provides a strong analysis of all the campaigns, allowing you to derive actionable insights that can be worked on. They can also be integrated with AI and other tools to add more firepower to your email campaigns.

6. ConvertKit

A strong alternative to Mailchimp, ConvertKit is an excellent service because it works on a subscriber model, which ensures that only real followers are grown on the list. Also, it can be easily integrated with Shopify to make E-commerce selling all the easier. The pricing for the same is also affordable, and you can also send out automatic mailers to specific individuals or as a “blast” based on whichever one you’d like to do.

​7. Constant Contact

With a UI that’s easy to follow and design, Constant Contact is one of the more sought-after alternatives to MailChimp. It allows you to segregate lists easily with an innovative and well-planned out tool.

The simple outlook and features it provides makes it much simpler to use. If you’re starting with email marketing, Constant Contact is one of the best options for you. Many up and coming brands prefer constant Contact as they are affordable and easy to understand.


We hope that this list helps you improve and find the right tools you need to send out persuasive emails. With time, you’ll figure out the UI and your strategy as well, and lead nurturing becomes a much easier game to play.

Overall, these options provided are some of the best alternatives to MailChimp, making it easier for you to manage your email campaigns. You need to put in the research to understand which marketing tool will work for your brand.

By planning out properly and creating goals for your brand on digital media, you’ll be able to find a system that works effectively for you.

​Author Bio: Rohan Mendiratta helps small businesses and marketers build and engage their audience via SendX: Email Marketing Software. ​You can reach him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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