How a Positive Company Culture Can Increase Productivity in the Workplace

​Guest post by Corey Doane

In today’s work environment, there is a strong emphasis placed on company culture and how it effects the success of your organization. Companies are straying further away from high-stress, high-pressure environments and are taking the culture approach to attract new employees and retain current ones.

​Any individual in a managerial position knows that it can be tough to motivate and keep employees engaged, but 50% of executives say that culture influences productivity. By making strides to nurture your company culture, you can increase productivity in the workplace, thus helping the success of your business and the wellness of your employees.

This article will outline the impact a positive culture has on a workplace productivity.

Impacts Employee Engagement

Lack of engagement has a direct effect on employee productivity, and company culture can play a big part in engagement levels with employees. Employees should never dread coming to work. If you establish a culture that employees enjoy being a part of, engagement will increase, thus increasing productivity in the workplace.

The more engaged employees are, the more likely they are to stick around, and productivity will continue to increase as time goes on. Having a company culture that encourages growth within the company gives employees the motivation to reach their full potential.

Employees crave meaning in their work and by fostering a culture that encourages professional success, you will continue to see results.

Impacts Team Comradery

Part of having a positive company culture is encouraging communication between employees. Friendly connections between coworkers allows for a sense of comfortability. When that comfortability is in place, it breaks down social barriers.  

When collaborating on projects, employees will be more productive and efficient due to the relationships they’ve built. With this type of culture, individuals are more likely to reach out for help when needed.

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Since there’s such a strong emphasis on placed on team building within a healthy work culture, it makes things more enjoyable. Planning team outings and holding fun events for your employees decreases stress, enhances employee relationships and has a strong impact on employees’ productivity.

Impacts Creativity

A healthy company culture often sparks creativity within employees. Employees are encouraged to get their creative juices flowing and come up with innovative ideas for their personal success and the success of the company.

This makes for a more inspiring workplace, which enhances employees’ abilities to grow their careers. It’s easy for employees to get complacent in their daily work routine. Jobs can often be monotonous and repetitive, leading to a decrease in motivation and productivity.

Having a culture that inspires creative thinking can help break this routine and make the daily workload more enjoyable.


Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, fostering a healthy company culture can lead to great success for your business. Employees are at the core of every company, so it’s important to take the steps to develop a culture where they feel respected and valued. 

​Author Bio:  Corey Doane is a contributing editor for 365 business tips. She has a B.S in Public Relations from San Jose State University and has experience in PR, marketing and communications. ​

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