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Feeling Stuck? Let’s Talk Strategy

Has this ever happened to you and your business?

Everything is cruising along just fine and then – BOOM – you bump up against a challenge you just can’t seem to solve. In many cases, you might not even see the underlying causes, but you can definitely feel the impact:

  • Growth slows down, but you can’t explain exactly why…
  • You find yourself wearing too many hats, and thus become less effective…
  • Your vision for the path ahead gets foggy, and your clients can feel it…
  • You can’t seem to implement the time-saving systems or repeatable processes necessary to guarantee consistent results or to scale the business…

Believe it or not, if you are a CEO or entrepreneur, this is totally normal.

Every business, big and small, runs into problems they just can’t see themselves no matter how hard they think and try to find the answers alone.

The reality is: There are times when you are just too close to your problems to ever be able to identify, assess, and find solutions for them.

And, that’s when a real leader knows it’s time to ask for help.

When you seek the right counsel, you can make quantum leaps.


Consulting with Nancy

For almost two decades, Nancy has helped some of today’s top Fortune 500 companies across a wide spectrum of industries work through their toughest challenges.

As a successful serial entrepreneur herself – launching three companies – Nancy knows firsthand that investing in the counsel of an outside expert is often the difference between success and failure.

Nancy’s extensive corporate experience allows her to quickly see the Big Picture, identify the bottlenecks, problems, and issues.

As a result, she can offer you a selection of the most cost-effective and time-sensitive solutions you need to resolve even the trickiest of challenges fast and efficiently.


VIP Strategy Days: 7 Steps to PROFITS

Nancy is currently reserving spots for her acclaimed VIP Strategy Days.

During these intensive, on-site* consulting sessions, you work one-on-one with Nancy to create a customized blueprint for success – no matter where your business is today or what challenges you are currently facing.

Nancy will walk you through her proven “7 Steps to PROFITS” System so you know exactly what to do to increase your sales and profits.

 This accelerated program focuses on seven key areas, including:

 P: Plan. Create a high level business plan to move from where the business is today to where it should be to fit your desired lifestyle.

 R: Reach More Clients. Define the marketing plan to attract target clients.

 O: Offer Lots of Valuable Products. Develop the product plan and funnel to make the business and sales scalable.

 F: Find Your Power Team. Create the plan to have the right people involved in the business with team members, board members, and partners.

 I: Invest in Yourself and Your Company. Define the plan for additional education, coaching, and mentoring to ensure the business succeeds.

 T: Track Everything. Develop the plan to track money, time, and marketing to focus on what’s working and what’s not so resources are invested correctly.

 S: Start Taking Action. Write an action plan to put the above steps in place with ease.

Dr. Taka Endo, Japan

“Listen to Nancy!”

  * Half and full day sessions are held in a beautiful mountain setting which enhances business creativity and inspiration. For your convenience, Nancy can also travel to your location (additional fee applies).


How Do I Know if This Program Is Right for Me?

 VIP Strategy Days are right for you, if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You are at a place in your business where you aren’t sure what to do next to reach your vision…
  • You feel overwhelmed and want to know what to do in what order to maximize your resources…
  • You are busy, but not focused on the right items which is impacting your money and/or free time…
  • You don’t have clarity on what’s broken, but you know something isn’t working right…
  • You don’t have solid plans for sales, money, marketing, growth, exit, etc…
  • You can’t find the solutions you need – there are no more books to read or workshops to attend…

If any of these scenarios describe you and your business, you would greatly benefit from scheduling your own VIP Strategy Day.


Simply click on the links below to enroll in the option of your choice:

Full Day: Investment $5,000 (or 2 payments of $2,625 each)


Half Day: Investment $2,500 (or 2 payments of $1,325 each)



How You Can Expect To Benefit

When you make the smart choice to invest in your success by attending a VIP Strategy Day, you can expect to walk away from your time with Nancy with the following results:

  • We’ll fine tune your business design together and the way it operates so as to support your ideal lifestyle. We’ll reverse engineer a solution that works “backwards” from your vision of your desired work-life balance and makes sure your business is on the right trajectory for success.
  • You’ll leave at the end of your session with clarity, all workshop notes, clear guidance on what to do next, and a jumpstart on your action steps since some of the “in the trenches” work will be completed during the day itself.
  • You will have the road map to implement the solutions to your toughest business challenges.
  • You will also gain access to Nancy’s network and mentors, so you can make valuable connections that support your short- and long-term business success.

Best of all, because Nancy helps you generate seven powerful business-building tools in a single session, you no longer have to hire multiple consulting companies to get the same results.

For example, you could expect to pay $5,000 for one company to create a business plan, $5,000 for another to design a funnel, $5,000 for yet another company to systemize your business, and so on. By developing an accelerated, hands-on program, Nancy provides exponentially better value and saves you time and money over the a la carte pricing of other consulting firms.



Take A Closer Look at What’s Included in Your VIP Strategy Sessions

To accommodate the varying needs of her clientele, Nancy offers two session opportunities. Both options include a one-hour follow-up session where Nancy will provide additional support as needed to help ensure you’re on track.

Full Day: During this all-day session, you’ll work with Nancy to create solutions for all seven steps of the PROFITS System. Together, you’ll collaborate on personalizing a plan of action that allows you to meet (and exceed) your business goals and objectives.

Most days start at 9 a.m., but this can vary if your flight schedule warrants a later start time. Additionally, there is no specified end time as Nancy doesn’t want clock watching to be a distraction.

Be Prepared: This is a “power session.” We’ll cover as much (or more) in one day than many other consultants will tackle in an entire year. Nancy’s believes there’s no reason you should have to wait months to get results you can see.

Nancy is high-energy, so arrive well rested and ready to work! Includes a delicious healthy lunch to keep you functioning at your best during this high-powered session.

Half Day: During this four-hour session, you’ll work one-on-one with Nancy to define solutions to 1-3 specific challenges impacting your business.

The topics can span any one of the seven areas in the PROFITS System or can involve a deep dive into topics of your choice.

A Word about Fun: Business doesn’t have to be all serious. When you work with Nancy, you will always have fun creating solutions that work together!


How to Invest In Your Business Now

As an investment in yourself and your business, VIP Strategy Days can be paid in full or with a two-payment program. All payments must be received before your session can be officially scheduled.

Simply click on the links below to enroll in the option of your choice:

Full Day: Investment $5,000 (or 2 payments of $2,625 each)


Half Day: Investment $2,500 (or 2 payments of $1,325 each)


Stefanie Callens, Denver

“On track to triple my income!”



Looking for Additional Consulting Options?

Want to see what kinds of results are possible before investing in a full day together?

Perhaps you are new in business or are initially just looking for “spot consulting” to help you in a certain area.

 With Speed Consulting, you’ll spend an hour together with Nancy via phone solving the toughest challenge you face today.

Nancy is guaranteed to provide incredible value and offer at least one solution to your issue or your investment in Speed Consulting ($500) will be fully refunded.

Choose Your Speed Consulting Session Now