6 Secrets to the Ultimate Vacation that Increase Productivity

​Guest blog by Natasha Roubal

​Most people nowadays think that working into the wee hours of the night will equate to productivity. This is the reason why they stay up late and spend extra hours in the office oblivious to the fact that this is already taking a toll on their health. Admit it: even workaholics need to take a break, too!

Some say they take 20-minute breaks every now and then. Others would argue they sleep in during the weekends. However, both sad excuses for relaxation are significantly different than a 3-5 day vacation.

The problem with many people on a “vacation” is that they bring their work with them. This is exactly why they are unable to fully enjoy the time they were supposed to have for themselves, away from work.

​Here are some tips to set yourself up for truly getting away from the office and having the ultimate relaxation vacation you deserve:

1. Schedule “Me Time”

You wake up early in the morning, drink your coffee, and go to work until you have to come back home to eat dinner and go back to sleep. Usually, you then do the same things the following morning … and the next, and the next.

​In order to break free from the routine, allocating time for yourself gives you an opportunity to get your bearings. You can pinpoint exactly what it is that stresses you out, understand what you’ve been missing out on, and catch up on things you’ve disregarded because you’ve been too focused on work. Then, you can begin planning time away that really matters to you because you’ll know what is stressing you out and how best to alleviate it.

2. Book the Perfect Accommodations

This is your relaxation vacation, so treat yourself to lodgings that will make you the happiest and reduce your stress the most effectively. Whether that’s a five star resort/spa or a private, short-term apartment rental in an urban hub, you should reserve a place that gets you excited for even a short trip away.

You can use major travel sites or apartment listing sites to help you find the place for you. Another good place to start is asking friends or co-workers where they’ve stayed in the destination you’re eyeing. Remember to keep in mind what will recharge you the most, and look for accommodations that offer those amenities. 

3. Tie Up Any Loose Ends

Just like everyone else, you’re hesitant to leave work because you’re afraid that being away for too long would bury you deep in backlogs. Or, you’re worried that no one else would be able to do the job for you while you’re away.

But here’s the thing: there will always be someone you can trust to do the job right. Leave him/her instructions, inform your workmates about your vacation so they won’t wonder how to reach you, and finish what you can so you won’t be leaving as many tasks unfinished for when you return.

4. Exercise the Stress Away

You might be complaining how strained your muscles are from sitting around at work all day – that is the result of lack of exercise. Most people don’t have time to exercise in the morning before work because of other obligations, lack of motivation, and/or travel factors.

Taking a vacation allows you to slow down your pace, relax, and have the time to stretch those muscles. You’ll be able to see how quickly this helps you improve your mood and make you feel a lot more energetic for when you do return to the office. The workout patterns you establish during your vacation can be maintained when you’re home, too!

5. Rekindle Your Relationships

Have you ever skipped a family dinner because you had a transaction to finish? Or maybe failed to attend a family outing since you had a meeting to attend? Work never adjusts for your personal life – rather, it’s the other way around.

​Taking the time off work allows you to reconnect with your loved ones, hang out with friends, and go on dates. Studies show that sharing a conversation with a loved one creates a significant difference in reducing stress and improving one’s mood. Make sure you make the effort to reach out when you take your vacation time, and recharge your batteries with those you care about.

6. Try New Things

Work can become boring and feel even more stressful when you do the same thing every single day. Although routine can help make you more efficient, it can also make you feel sick and tired of the same manual work.

It’s important to cultivate other interests, like playing sports or enrolling in an art class. Not only does this distract you from the work piled on your desk, but it also helps your brain feel a lot more refreshed and thus improving your mood eventually. When you plan your vacation, look for opportunities to explore your hobbies and interests, then try to keep these up when you return.


​Natasha Roubal is a travel writer with Oasis Collections. The company was founded by a group of dedicated travelers in 2009 with the mission of creating a new category in travel - a way to truly experience a city from an insider's perspective. More than just a set of keys, they provide a complete hospitality experience that starts the minute a home is booked. They have handpicked rentals in over 20 destinations worldwide, from vacation homes in London to beachfront villas in Punta del Este. Their new take on a “Home Meets Hotel” brand of hospitality is helping to change the way people experience new cities and cultures. Visit their website, book a trip, and recharge your own productivity!

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