How a Clean Workplace can Boost Productivity

​Guest Blog by David Smith

Your work time is precious. Maybe not in a sentimental way, but it’s certainly precious in that you ought not to squander it. When there are targets to be met, customers to be satisfied and profits to be made, there is an expectation on everyone in a company to deliver.

Productivity can suffer for numerous reasons, though, and one of the main productivity killers is an unclean work environment. When the mind is met with clutter and distractions, be it to any of the senses, it becomes harder to focus on your work and, inevitably, you’ll struggle to be as productive as what you could be.

That’s not entirely on your shoulders, as clutter and filth in the workplace might not be of your making, but you share a responsibility with everyone else to try and keep the place as clean as possible. If clutter or garbage is hindering your productivity, you have the power to remove this roadblock to getting your best work done.

There are a few things you can do to maintain a cleaner office. Any technological equipment such as printers, photocopiers and computers should be cleaned regularly, as these stealthily accumulate dust until somebody acts to eradicate the problem.

If there’s something in the office which is clearly being unused, dump it; just make sure to ask around before decluttering in case you unwittingly throw out something important. Periodically, everyone in the office should be involved in routine deep cleans so that it is kept in good nick. A shared effort can make a drastic difference.

Here is an infographic from Cleaning Services Group which talks more about the difference that a clean working environment could potentially have on maximizing productivity.

Author Bio: David Smith is the owner of Cleaning Services Group, a national cleaning company located in the UK. The company is a one-stop shop offering a vast range of both contract and specialist cleaning services for commercial clients. ​The company works ​at a local level by partnering with local contractors to complete local cleans. ​Learn more at:

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